I’m still in my kitchen…


It’s been so long since I posted here. I have very little time at the moment. Hetty, a rescue Collie cross came into our lives in February at 5 months old and it’s been quite a rocky road.

I was very naive and on being told she was probably from a farm in Ireland, pictured her in a barn with her mum and pups on hay bales. But of course the reality is that she was probably from a puppy farm. And we have no idea what she went through. I have very mixed feelings about having adopted her. The organisation that we adopted her through is maintaining demand from these puppy farms in a way so I do feel some responsibility for that. And yet we now have Hetty, who I love to bits. But without my perseverance we would not have been able to keep her and it would be unlikely that she could have been rehomed.

It’s been very touch and go, as she’s had a lot of behaviour issues, well they’re not issues to her but of course to us they have been. We’ve had help from a wonderful dog behaviourist called Denise at Paws in Hand and also an excellent trainer called Lisa at Paws 4 Reward. The key to the training is me following through with the things they teach me and being consistent – so I am being trained too in a way. We’ve turned a corner and Hetty is calmer but there’s still lots of work to do – a work in progress, and a lovely work in progress at that.

Which is why it’s been so quiet on here, I am still pretty much cooking from scratch every day and Hetty eats a raw food diet so that adds another layer of admin and then there’s the veggie garden…and work too and I have another new project I am working on.

Also it has to be said that cooking can be just another job you have to do as a parent and sometimes when you’re juggling so much, you can loose a bit of inspiration. So I have been making a lot of my usual recipes that are on here and are happily eaten but haven’t really had the energy to get creative and come up with amazing new ideas.

This month my blog was up for renewal with WordPress and I really had to think about whether I wanted to keep it. There are so many amazing, creative prolific recipe blogs out there and I wondered what mine contributed as I have little time in the kitchen to be creative at the moment.

I know there are so many parents like me who need quick healthy recipes and a bit of guidance on nutrition so I am going to carry on posting.

And then I remembered that the original idea was to have somewhere to record my recipes – and I do use the blog to look up my recipes so I know it’s useful! Also all the recipes are tried and tested so you know you won’t waste ingredients.

It needs organising and so I will start to work on that, and there are a few blog posts/recipes I have in mind….


Right, am off to walk the dog, have a great weekend!