What’s for lunch*: “Best ever spag bol” with chicken livers

January cheap eats #2

This recipe is a version which was adapted from A Girl Call Jack’s version of a Jamie Oliver recipe. The bolognese includes chicken livers which are nutrient-dense – packed full of iron, and b vitamins. And red lentils also provide good amounts of vitamins and minerals. At the moment the toddler is often too busy to want to eat. So am working hard not to let it bother me, so it doesn’t become a big issue. ‘t I know at least when she’s eating this she’s getting lots of vitamins and minerals. And if you’ve got bad memories of liver, don’t worry, this dish is tasty! I bought a 400g pack of organic chicken livers for £2.69 (this recipe uses 200g so you can make up two batches and freeze some).

Annie's Dorset Kitchen


I dithered  over posting this recipe, as I know people have a bit of an “ewww” reaction to liver. But logically, if you’re happy to eat a chicken’s legs why not it’s liver?

I made it last week for lunch, it’s really tasty and nutritious and the babster loved it, I gave a little taster bowl to my eldest daughter (who’s 7) and she didn’t like it, I can’t really expect her to as I’ve never gave her chicken liver, so it’s not a flavour she’s used to (the dish isn’t overly liver tasting anyway – if that makes sense). Forcing children to eat food is a very bad idea,  getting them to try a little bit of everything is the ideal.

Anyway, please keep an open mind and try it, it’s Jack Monroe’s  spaghetti bolognese recipe posted her blog last week,  – it’s adapted from a recipe in…

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