My antidote to New Year detox: A Morning Knickerbocker Glory

Am heartened to see lots of health experts telling people not to detox or embark on gruelling fitness regimes at the beginning of 2105, as I wrote this blog post along the same lines 3 years ago. Healthy eating is all about moderation over the whole year. Though I definitely need to get back to my usual eating habits. I’ve been tying up loose ends after Christmas in the last week, and getting ready for my youngest’s 2nd birthday, so haven’t had a chance to yet. I will be posting cheap, healthy and easy to make recipes, old and new for the rest of January…hope they inspire you to try them! Oh and hope you have a great 2015!

Annie's Dorset Kitchen

New year, new you?!

Don’t believe the hype, don’t do the detox. If you are anything like me you ran around in the weeks leading up to Christmas working, buying, searching on websites for that “must-have” present, sending Christmas cards, making costumes, deciding on whether to buy turkey or goose, comforting overtired children and planning blog posts that never materialised.

Then Christmas came, if you spent it with family, that brings with it all that wonderful mayhem and madness. Followed by New Year, another gorgeous gathering with delicious food and drink. Then last week, the kids went back at school and according to all the papers and media you are expected to have healthy new resolutions and go on a detox and/or exercise regime of some sort.

Now hang on a minute. You have just spent a month running around like crazy and suddenly because the decks are clear (if…

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