Blackberry and apple spread

It feels like I’ve made so much with the blackberries  this year that I am loosing a bit of my blackberry inspiration. Though there are still some good ones to be found in the hedgerows, these will probably end up in the freezer so I can make a crumble or two in the Winter months.

Coming down to the smell of freshly baked bread from the bread maker in the morning combined with making blackberry apple jam has proved irresistible over the Summer holidays.

To make it a healthier option I wanted to develop a blackberry spread that had no added processed sugar. Some would call it no sugar – but that’s not strictly true. Maple syrup has been used to sweeten the spread and it works well. Maple syrup contains about 2.5g of sugar per 5 grams and has a lower GI than sugar too. I’ve just road tested this recipe at our Thursday playgroup where we make bread and it was popular with grown ups and little ones. Including apples in the recipe means that there’s some natural fruit pectin which helps with the setting and consistency.


This recipe makes enough for a small jam jar of fruit spread. You’ll need to keep it in the fridge and it will last for up to 2 weeks. You can freeze it too.

Sterilise the jam jar by putting it in boiling water for 5 minutes or washing well and then putting in an oven at 140 degrees centigrade on a baking tray until fully dry.

You will need …

300g blackberries
100ml maple syrup
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
2 apples (Bramley, Cox or Pipin)

How to…

Wash all the fruit well, checking the blackberries for signs of life.
Core the apples and grate them skin as well (as it contains pectin) quickly, so they don’t brown, and stir in the lemon juice, to prevent browning.
Put everything in a heavy bottomed saucepan.
Bring to the boil.
Take off the heat for a few moments while you mash the fruit (this is really mainly for the blackberries) with a potato masher.
Then simmer on a low heat for 30-45 minutes.
Pour into sterilised jar.
Place a circle of waxed paper over the top of the spread to seal it (it should cover it exactly).
And tightly close the lid.



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