Where to start?

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post. We’ve moved house… again. This time I think we will be putting down roots. It’s the sort of place I hoped we would find when we left London nearly 3 years ago. So we can’t quite believe our luck and are feeling very blessed in our new home.

I am going to reclaim the blog’s original title – Annie’s Dorset Kitchen – I’ve missed it. I changed it to Annie’s Nutrition when we were living in Hampshire – as we’d temporarily left Dorset and were in a house which didn’t have a great kitchen. My new kitchen is definitely the heart of our home and we’re creating a pantry out of the cupboard under the stairs – something I have always wanted. So now the old name seems to fit again and I’m going to risk looking indecisive and not worry, as everything I do nutrition-wise starts in my kitchen.

I’ve nearly finished unpacking the last few stubborn boxes and with the longer days and good weather, my thoughts are turning to the garden. We’ve got 2 greenhouses, both of which need new panes before I start to plant seeds and then there’s what to plant where in the veggie garden too…



First though, I am preoccupied with weeds, and there seem to be nettles everywhere, especially in the little wooded area at the back. So I have been pulling them up when I get the chance. Though since I started weeding the nettles, I have remembered that you can use them in recipes, so am planning to keep a couple of good patches away from the main pathways. My eldest daughter and husband are not at all keen, but am not going to let that put me off, and if I find good recipes will share them here. Nettles are supposed to be particularly high in iron, calcium and other minerals and vitamins, best of all though they are free and everywhere. Apparently you need to pick them before they flower and go to seed.






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