Sugar free banana macaroon recipe

When I was looking for a sugar free cake/biscuit ideas for my baby, I found this Banana macaroon recipe from the Healthful Pursuit’s blog. Leanne who writes the blog posts lots of allergen free recipes from egg to dairy, gluten and sugar free.

Leanne has even written a post on how to open a coconut.

Banana macaroons

The recipe uses shredded coconut, which I haven’t been able to get hold of locally, so bought a coconut and shredded it in the food processor.

I converted quarter cup of coconut butter (or creamed coconut) to 54g and 2.5 cups of shredded coconut to 230g.

Both daughters loved them.

Obviously it’s a bit of a labour of love – shredded the coconut, but at 89p shredding your own coconut cheaper than buying shredded coconut online and you can freeze some of the macaroons for lunchboxes and snacks out and about.


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