The first of our blueberries

A morning’s bounty?

Ok so we won’t fill a punnet with these but it is so lovely to be able to pop out into the garden and pick a few blueberries for a snack. These are from the two plants I bought from Trehane nursery, near Wimborne in Dorset. We are going there later this week for pick your own blueberries and I think I might have to buy 4 more plants as they have a sale on at the moment. If you don’t live in Dorset you can order online and have them delivered.

Just to say too – Trehane haven’t given me any money for this promotion. I just think when so many of the supermarkets are selling blueberries from Poland and France (the latter is not so far but its still further than Dorset!) we need to support our UK blueberry growers. I have seen English Blueberries in one supermarket, which is great. If you do find UK blueberries for sale buy extra and freeze some for the Winter months.

What can be more local (and cheaper in the long term) than blueberries in your back garden or allotment? Oh and in theory, as long as you don’t use pesticides or fertilisers, your crop will be Organic in all but name!

Though a short search online have also just found Blackmoor Nursery in Hampshire where you can order blueberry plants online.

There has been a lot of focus on blueberries in recent years and their superfood status. With nutrients depleted over time and with exposure to air and light, the shorter the time between picking and eating, its likely, the better the nutrient content. And when it comes to so-called superfoods – its all about eating in season – each having its own foods that are high in anti-oxidants and other health-giving nutrients.

Why are they called super foods? Because they are contain relatively high amounts of antioxidant vitamins (vitamins C, E and betacarotene – the plant form of vitamin A) and bioflavinoids (including anthocyanin, catechin, myricetin, quercetin, ankaempferol and epicatechin).

Antioxidants “mop up” the free radicals produced when cells become damaged through oxidation. This oxidation causes and is caused by many of the degenerative diseases associated with age: alzheimers, Parkinsons, diabetes, Rheumatoid arthritis and of course cardiovascular heart disease and cancer. And there is research that has found that blueberries have a protective effect against these diseases.


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