Easy mackerel fish cakes

The 5 year old had mackerel, mash and veg for supper last night. Doesn’t sound exciting, but was a good simple meal that went down well.

I had the fish gutted in the supermarket and had baked it whole in foil at 200˚C for about 15-20 minutes.

Of course she didn’t eat it all, so I mixed left over fish and mash and left it in the fridge.

So Saturday lunch was easy, cheap, sustainable, healthy (Omega 3’s of course) and delicious.


Mashed potato
A little butter
A little sunflower oil
Finely chopped parsley

How to….

Take the mackerel off the bones, checking the flesh for bones as you go.
Mix in with the mash (and finely chopped parsley if using).
You want a roughly equal amount of fish and potato – taste to check. Its easier to add more potato if you need to.
You want a good mackerel flavour – so you don’t want too much potato.
Put some flour in a flat bowl or plate.
Shape the fish and mash mixture into balls (ping pong ball size) and then pat into fish cake shapes.
Cover the cakes with flour.
Heat a good knob of butter with a teaspoon of sunflower oil in a frying pan.
The oil helps prevent the butter from burning.
On a medium heat Fry the cakes for 3-5 minutes each size, until golden.
Serve with plenty of seasonal veg.
You could serve with good quality bread and butter for extra hungry children.

This recipe is a little bit of an experiment, it has no amounts. Let me know if it works for you…if it doesn’t will make the dish again, and include the weights in the ingredients…

I do think this recipe works well for children who have previously refused the strong mackerel flavour as the potato tones it down a little.


One thought on “Easy mackerel fish cakes

  1. Annie's Dorset Kitchen

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    Cheap eats January #8 Easy mackerel fish cakes. I bought 2 mackerel fillets for £4 for the girls the other day, which was about 300g of fish. I baked the fillets for about 20 minutes and took the meat off the bones, serving with baked potato and veg, there was enough left over for fish cakes (about 150g) mixed with 150g of cooked potatoes.

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