Easy ways to get your children to eat veg #1

Serve veg before the main meal, as a starter. It’s as simple as that.

I am usually running late with my cooking so my daughter often tells me she’s hungry in that half an hour before mealtime.

It doesn’t take long to steam a few veg and serve as nibbles, or preparing raw veg is even quicker.

She will happily munch through the veg without loosing her appetite for the main meal.

As a guide on portion sizes, the wonderful CHEW! by Caroline Walker Trust* gives guidance as about 40g per veg for children under 5 years – with at least 2 types of veg served at main meals. So thats about 80g of veg at main meals.

For children aged between 5 -11 years this increases to the recommended portion size for adults – 80g per portion. Of course you aren’t going to double veg intake over night on their 5th birthday. Its useful guidance and shows what to aim for.

At snack time too offer veg and/or fruit along with starchy carbs for energy.

*Caroline Walker Trust was the first organisation to devise school nutrition and food standards. The current school standards are based on those set by Caroline Walker Trust.


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